About me

Growing up in Delaware, I became interested in programming from a young age. At around 12 years old I began to try and understand C code in order to tinker with RPG maker. Though as you can imagine this did not go well for a 12 year old, this curiosity laid the groundwork for the coming years, where I would begin in my early teens to program in visual basic, and TI basic. Continuing on to college, I carried with me an obsession for optimization and performance.

Something that has frequently been an issue for my work as a computer scientist is the speed at which I wish to have a project completed. Often I will sprint to have a minimum viable product created for the sake of showing to those I wish to, such as when creating my discord bot. This leads to various issues such as degradation of quality. On the flip side of this, I struggle as many of us do with the idea of perfection. When I take time to be meticulous, and comb over details of a program, I will sometimes become so enthralled, than when I take a step back I see I have not done much, such as when creating my ant pathfinding simulation.

At the intersection of these two issues I now seek to maintain a state of quality when I work. Though I am also careful to make progress when necessary. On a larger level the works I have completed, and not completed in the last couple of years have taught me to be a steady worker, while also valuing quality. To supervise ourselves in our work in both quality and speed is truly a lifelong journey we all constantly refine.

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